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I’m working on a new book, Outsmart the Learning Curve, but it won’t be available until the end of 2024. It tells the story of seven ordinary people who made dramatic transformations or overcame significant obstacles. Their stories are weaved together with the instructive techniques they used to get through the hardest parts of their journey.

I decided to share some of best parts on Substack to get feedback, make the book better, and hopefully build excitement. Perhaps the biggest differentiator of the book is that it’s both for and about “regular” people you are unlikely to recognize. Many books in this category study the top .1% (e.g., Bill Gates, Roger Federer, and their ilk). While understanding the stories of the truly exceptional can be inspirational, it’s not clear how helpful it is to us regular folk.

What You Can Expect from this Weekly Newsletter

  • Fascinating stories of ordinary people you’ve never heard of who made astonishing transformations or overcame serious adversity.

  • The techniques and strategies those people used and the science behind why their approaches worked. The narratives plus the research will give you confidence that you can apply these techniques to your own unique situation.

  • Actionable, practical advice on how to improve both in your personal and work life—OK, a little broad, but getting better is about learning and learning can make you more effective and fulfilled in nearly every aspect of life.

About Joe Sipher

I started my career helping two nascent startups grow into multi-billion dollar public companies. Next I founded two profitable mobile app companies that generated over 200M downloads. Over the last 30 years my roles centered on product management, including everything from product design, usability and program management to technical management and outsourcing. In addition, I drove outbound marketing for everything from tiny startups to public companies. I’ve been granted 26 patents related to mobile technology, wireless communications, and user interface design.

The above is the bio I've used for years, but the FULL STORY is...

I started my career as a rudderless English major fired from my first job for incompetence. Somehow this aimless, unemployed 22-year-old, who steered clear of STEM classes, not only became a contributing member of society but has had a successful career in technology and business. As can you see, I’m overqualified to tell stories about self-improvement and transformation.

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I'm sick of success books. So I wrote one: Outsmart the Learning Curve.